When we think of game improvement, concepts such as stability, MOI, and forgiveness come to mind, but assistance in achieving a faster swing speed might not. Currently playing the Callaway FT-i with a closed face. Chuck Ludwig 9 years ago. This is visually very unappealing to me. Maybe they will design a more pleasing club…. The head is just one component to a good golf club. You would turn it down if it guaranteed you yards and right down the middle?

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The head design feel solid and is pretty forgiving, even if the flight of the ball is quite high.

Nike Golf SQ Machspeed Game Improvement Irons Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Sean Diller 9 years ago. I bought these irons in November, I must admit they take some getting used to but they are definately worth their weight in gold, they are not the best looking clubs in the world but they work. The SQ Machspeed comes with Nike’s STR8-Fit system to adjust the angle of the head to shape the ball flight, which seems a bit odd on a square drive that is meant to hit it straighter. Its not a golfclub. That means providing you with equipment reviews you mafhspeed trust, as well as honest reporting on the latest issues affecting the game today.

Nike Golf introduces the SQ MachSpeed iron

Pear is not macspeed from jachspeed engineering perspective and the more data they get and better software they have to show them this the more they realized this was true. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. Media Reviews Today’s Golfer. Speed leads to distance. My ball flight was higher than I am normally used to, and my distance was as good or slightly better than the set of irons I am currently playing Pro Combo OS.


By Golf Channel Digital November 19, at 9: The Method with 2 majors under its belt before its release.

The head is just one component to a good golf club. These irons are very easy to hit straight, high and far. Comments I sliced with the square dymo srt8 fit is this driver straighter.

Nike MachSpeed Irons and Hybrids Complete 2010 MachSpeed Lineup

These irons are very stable and forgiving — mishits, whether high or low on the face, in toward the heel or out toward the toe, flew almost as far as a shot hit near the center of the face. The thin face then transfers this power to the ball. Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Will 9 years ago. Comments those sure are thick.

The SQ MachSpeed irons come with two available shaft options. First irons with Spock ears for increased MOI!

Nike SQ MachSpeed Graphite Iron Set

We have become painfully numb to all the new releases over the past 5 or so years which look almost like identical replicas of the previous years model…except for some new fresh paint schemes and a new sole design. Traditionalists may not immediately like the cutting edge design, wide sole and thick topline, but the game machhspeed benefits are too good to ignore. Can i use the same shaft i have now and attach it to the vr driver or the sq driver head?


Glad to see your opinions…I would disagree with all 3 lol but that is what MGS is about. It should help the iron get through the rough fairly easily while also helping to move the center of gravity low in the head, which will also help launch the ball high and long.

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The first swings of this driver on the range brought to mind two words: Our patented PowerBow technology allows golfers to machspees the ball high and increase distance — a perfect combination to improving your game. Bob, which driver are you currently gaming? Immediately visible is the square design, which is known for the extreme amount of forgiveness provided by the extra perimeter weighting common to most in this category.

Well thank you for enlighting me Mr. I also took notice of the hot zone at the bottom of the face — I got very good distance on shots I hit thin.

However it could be the last as they are the only mschspeed in the market now from the major manufacturers in this shape. I seriously doubt the extra yards though.