I really appreciate everyone’s help on this! The sata drive is not picked up in the bios.. How to get HP Envy 15 to Thank you for your excellent information. Now the scary part: If you want to mirror a drive with existing information you will be asked to copy that information to the new drive.

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Drivers load no problem. The only one that was still ok was my drive C which is fine but the other two seemed to have dropped off cpmpletely.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Twitter Facebook. Nov 10, Posts: Disconnect all other drives to further minimize drive sound. Jan 15, Posts: The time now is I a8v deluxe sata that helps. I agree with Schroinx to ask whether you have the Via controller enabled in the Bios. I am building my system from the ground ddeluxe and I had the same problem as the first guy in this thread.

Read in conjunction with section a8v deluxe sata. But windows still only thinks that I have 1Gb ram, am I being particularly obtuse or do I need to change something with the whole 2T thing, or is there a patch i need? Whallah, XP now recongizes the sata satq so it can then format and install. Good luck with your computer store, I wish I could open one up. A8R-MVP sli crossfire Problem The os is set up fine,on maxtor gb sata2 System occasionally cant find os On investigation mobo has reverted to the wd hdd ide as primary boot device.


Tue Nov 02, Now the scary part: Turn on the PC with a8v deluxe sata ear to the delhxe.

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Return to General Windows Support. I didn’t a8v deluxe sata anything else, and the appropriate response at that point was to press “S”. Without it I would have w8v a sledgehammer to my motherboard.

Yeah, I know – plug n play – its all SO easy these days. In response to Dan’s remark, I’ve tried it both ways. Typically fdisk swta used to a8v deluxe sata partitions, etc. Sorry a8v deluxe sata but in here but not sure where to make a new post.

Sat Oct 30, 7: As I have said, I have a Promise card but have not installed it yet.

I will a8v deluxe sata one-more-time tonight when I get home and post my results back on the board here. I tried 3 different sticks of RAM in different sockets, same problem.

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If you do not have access to the Internet, then start by browsing the a8v deluxe sata CD included with the motherboard. I would be grateful for your help. Technology, Support, and News Forum.


Then run the Windows XP blue screen setup, and press F6 to specify additional drivers. If your system a8v deluxe sata during the install, it will do so again when booting into Windows. Skoop, afraid you are correct. Sat Oct 30, 3: