I needed this guide to help me use this card in Windows 7 x64 and it worked like a charm. WLM cannot warranty software against mishandling, improper installation, or compatibility conflicts. Mike, I see your later posting says you somehow got this to work. I was ready to throw out everything. All I did next was right click and update driver from the same folder that I installed from on legacy. What I am thinking of trying, however, is to insert the sections from the U2. This 64b driver is tremendously useful — well done!

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Some of the adaptec aha 2940uw forums I found on this same adwptec though most of them do not mention the U2 card are as follows: I was beginning to wonder if you still monitor this page.

Well, you are the next best thing to the manufacturer. This is a SCSI adaptec aha 2940uw Not only did I have to uninstall the driver and start over, I had to remove the driver from the DriverStore folder using pnputil per the instructions at the following link: Have you tried downloading then opening with notepad?

Adaptec AHA-2940UW SCSI Controller Card

I am trying it now, but after a series of totally frustrating mind crushing searches, this is a radical step forward. So, I suspect qdaptec there is an incompatibility between the Adaptec aha 2940uw bit driver and my card. Hi Ray I tried the U2W first, could not get it to work, I ended up purchasing the exact same card as the OP, It worked without having to modify adaptec aha 2940uw code.


WLM cannot warranty software against mishandling, improper installation, or compatibility conflicts. Core adaptec aha 2940uw Duo How do Adaprec calibrate my fans when they are over spinning? If anyone is interested just let me know.

The AHA Ultra Wide host adapter delivers expanded connectivity to meet the storage adapteec requirements of server environments. There are a few lines in the dvsjs. I had 3 other scsi adaptec aha 2940uw before and could not get them to work, but the exact model he used did not require any changes to the code. Best regards Thomas Henden, from Oslo, Norway!

AHAUW Adaptec AHAUW SCSI Controller Card

Next step was to get the driver for the scanner. According to the discussion at the following link, some guy named R.

What do all those error adaptec aha 2940uw mean? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here To answer your question, yes I did.

What do all those “beeps mean at start up? This happened even when I tried to install the driver using the Add Legacy Hardware option.


Adaptec AHA UW Pro Specs – CNET

Good word adaptec aha 2940uw mouth goes a long way. Ahhh, the Adaptec UW scsi controller needs a driver installed. Thanks for responding to my post. Anyway, hats off to you — thanks for making the internet a better place.

I receive a new drive and it has the problem of not accepting the CD into the slot. Up to 15 devices under DOS 5. Adaptec aha 2940uw thought, people have had to run into this before me.

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Adaptec Aha-2940w 2940uw PCI SCSI Controller Card

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I will try in Legacy mode to see if that makes any difference. My hardware ID has four entries, which are as follows:. This I am not sure of as I have not run into it. Axaptec, Adaptec aha 2940uw did not update the scanner driver.