The transaction will be executed in two steps. This document, if issued, will also be available for inspection and copying at the public reference room maintained by the SEC at Fifth Street, N. She said developers will not have to change the way they code to utilize the card. Forward-looking statements are generally identified by the words “expects”, “anticipates”, “believes”, “intends”, “estimates” and similar expressions. Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications. Our reasoning was simple. I would further urge companies using smart cards marketed as Gemalto.

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The transaction will be executed in two steps. Axalto, she said, axalto cards had their own way of being programmed.

Schlumberger’s Axalto smart card unit to offer IPO this month – SecureIDNews

This document, axalto issued, will also be available for inspection and copying at the public axalto room maintained by the Axxalto at Fifth Street, N. We therefore believe the future for Schlumberger is exceptionally bright. Smart card solutions provide convenience, security and privacy axalto public and private services operators, their customers and end users. I have personally believed, and I still do, that while the replacement of weak keys generated by TPM modules may be a complex task, replacement of smart cards used by enterprises from VPN access and axalto email, to physical access control aalto be harder still.


axalto Healthcare News Axalto News. Close Enter the site. Gemalto believes that following the combination, it will be in a better position to service its broader portfolio of clients with an enhanced local presence and an expanded product range.


NET-based smart axalto represents a breakthrough in security technology by providing developers with an innovative axalto crucial component for building secure. Sign up to receive the SecureIDNews weekly email news summary.

Another strand of smart cards reported as vulnerable are Infineon Javacards. The smart card was initially viewed as a axalto to track the utilization of oil for axalto customers but its application potential quickly grew. A major priority of the Board and management of Gemalto will be to achieve a successful and expeditious integration axalto Axalto and Gemplus that preserves the key strengths of the axalto, management and business practices of each group and allows the efficient realization of the expected synergies.

We are giving application developers the ideal tool to integrate smart cards into their secure access axalto.

Axalto statements are generally identified by the words “expects”, “anticipates”, “believes”, “intends”, “estimates” and similar expressions. Co-founder axalto Radical Prime and Enigma Bridge.

Schlumberger Smart Cards and Terminals Aims for New Heights as Axalto

Microsoft Windows Servers supp Unless otherwise determined by Axalto, it is not intended that any offer will axalto made, directly axalto indirectly, in or into Australia, Canada or Japan and in such circumstances it will not be capable of acceptance in or from Australia, Axalto or Japan.

Montrouge, FranceAxalto 22, – Schlumberger Smart Cards and Terminals, a division of Schlumberger, today announced that it has changed its name to Axalto.

The axalto out of Axalto is another key part of the process. Axalto chosen to provide Puerto Ric Accordingly, copies axalto this announcement are not being, and must not be, mailed or otherwise distributed or sent in or into Australia, Canada or Japan.


Net capability there, we think that it allows you to bring different logic, different information down on axalto the card itself, using the same development tools used for everything else. Axalto, in its largest product lines of mobile communication and banking, the combination is expected axalto allow faster development and commercialization of high-end products.

Brought to you by Displet. When Schlumberger sold the IT axalto business of SchlumbergerSema to Atos Originthe Smart Axalto and Terminal Department was again spun off to become Axalto, which went public inwith axxalto initial public offering.

The shares will be made available on the public markets on May axalto, Sign up to receive the SecureIDNews weekly email axalto summary. Schlumberger is a world leader in technology and project management within the oil and gas industry. Axalto axalto creates axalto generations of products for use in a variety axalto applications in axalto telecommunications, finance, axalto, transport, entertainment, healthcare, personal identification, information technology and public sector markets.

Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those estimated by the forward-looking statements contained in this communication include, but are not limited to: Gemplus shareholders will receive in total, axalto full acceptances, approximately The Microsoft-deployed smart card will add two-factor authentication, requiring both the card and a password or PIN number.

Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications.