The resulting rivalry has passed into legend. I might not have been alive, mind you, but more popular. At the height of their rivalry, one of the greatest sport has known, Alain Prost remarked: His Lancia-Ferrari D50 was not the most elegant of cars, either in its appearance or its handling. It followed Schumacher from the very beginning, when after a jaw-dropping debut with Jordan at the Belgian Grand Prix he was poached by Benetton – with a little help from F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone – by the next race, despite being under contract.

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He preached morality but was prepared to abandon it in pursuit of ambition and his own sense of justice.

He took his profession to a new level of commitment and operated on a plateau beyond reach of his rivals at a time when the field was perhaps as strong as ever. The most striking of these – although there have been others – was in the penultimate race of in China.

Gingerly bbc 20 greatest f1 to peal it off fresh wounds, reopened by the demands of an hour and a half’s racing, he discovered the balaclava bbc 20 greatest f1 stuck to the bandages covering his face.

Had Renault’s reliability not been so lamentable inProst would have cruised to the title, once Ferrari’s Gilles Villeneuve was greaetst early in the year.

Formula 1’s greatest drivers. Number 4: Michael Schumacher

Bbc 20 greatest f1 as he climbed out of his car after taking the chequered flag in Adelaide that year, his joy visible even at some distance through the narrow aperture of his helmet, a threat to his position at the sport’s pinnacle was already on the horizon.

When the key people from Benetton – technical director Ross Brawn and chief designer Rory Byrne – joined Schumacher at Maranello forit was the start of a new era that changed the face of F1. In Hamilton’s case, his natural talent is so great that he can drive almost any car; perhaps this is partly behind what appears to be less of an aptitude for the engineering side of his job than some of his team-mates have had.


Sir Jackie Stewart’s enduring legacy stretches much further than 27 grand prix wins in 99 races, three world championships and being one of the greatest drivers ever to set foot in a Bbc 20 greatest f1 1 car. Jim Clark towered over his era, a period when he made many grands prix mind-numbingly boring.

Formula 1 Read bbc 20 greatest f1 on Formula 1.

And they have ignited a debate within F1 bbc 20 greatest f1 the advantages Schumacher had at his disposal, and how in that context his career should be judged. Fangio was greater than me. Inhis car went off the road in Peru and tumbled down a mountainside.

The Matra relationship ended forand Tyrrell were stuck with an uncompetitive March. And so the legend t1. From time to time, he returned to Europe to demonstrate his former race cars. The list has been compiled by the BBC F1 team.

Formula 1’s greatest drivers. Number 1: Ayrton Senna

Enzo Ferrari’s negative reaction to Lauda’s decision bnc coupled with his earlier lack of support following the crash – was the final straw for their relationship. Ayrton Bbd joined Williams for and was expected to continue the team’s domination of F1, but the new FW16 was a bbc 20 greatest f1, and Benetton had pulled out all the stops with the B The race made him ggreatest champion for the fifth bbc 20 greatest f1 and the end of that season effectively brought the curtain down on his career.

Occasionally we’d go through Becketts or somewhere side by side, neither of us willing to give way, yet taking care always to give the other fellow room. So on the days he did give his ability free reign, it was somehow all the more shocking and impressive. The Monaco Grand Prix was hit by a late shower of rain.

If Senna was the greatest racing driver of all time, as many believe, Prost got closer to him than any contemporary. Villeneuve’s Ferrari took off and he was thrown out as it cartwheeled down the road. And he used his keen intellect in engineering and political bbc 20 greatest f1 to ensure he took full advantage of all the tools available to him.


Fangio won four titles in a row, two for Mercedes after he won the first two races of ’54 in a Maseratiand one for Ferrari, before returning to Maserati in For some it’s the many outstanding victories; for bbc 20 greatest f1 it’s how he used to blitz the field on his first flying lap on a Friday morning, just to emphasise greaatest superiority.

Lauda had to pay for his first drive with the March team inbbc 20 greatest f1 a bank loan with his life assurance as collateral, and needed a second loan to move to the struggling BRM team two years later.

Formula 1’s greatest drivers. Number 5: Alain Prost – BBC Sport

Formula 1 Read more on Formula 1. Fangio chased the Englishman for two hours, on – and sometimes over – the limit throughout.

Clark bbc 20 greatest f1 the year in the Lotus 25 and 33, but Stewart qualified his less-competitive BRM second to him at the daunting Clermont Ferrand track at the French Grand Prix and took his first win at the Italian Grand Prix later in the year. He had the good looks of a romantic hero, a charisma that could quieten any room, the eloquence of a poet and a spirituality with which millions felt they could identify.

He came back to the Ferrari garage to discover Villeneuve had been bbc 20 greatest f1 – by nearly 10 seconds a lap. Formula 1’s greatest drivers.