In some cases payment can fail but you receive status notification abour payment result. Tags large screen display Quad core processor smartphone camera fast speed cpu performance p video recording long battery life dual sim nokia budget smartphone Samsung huge ram 4g high megapixel smartphone Fabulous camera results archos 16 color quadcore processor Corning Gorilla Glass phablet Amazing features cloudfone high screen resolution Snapdragon processor 8 MP of camera 32 GB Full of features htc selfie starmobile Lollipop Front facing camera 64 GB Snapdragon front camera Powerfull battery 8 Mp front camera light weight smartphone tablet cherry mobile QWERTY keypad. Enter you email to subscribe. Please follow our guide: Whenever I open Contacts it takes lot of time to open. Please note that Hard Reset delete all your data from your mobile.

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CloudFone Affordable touchscreen phone from CloudFone, I had no idea about the surfing things or the internetas long as it works in calling and textingIm already cloudfone ice 350e for that, long battery life and easy to operate touch phone. Its has portability characteristic. Then cloudfone ice 350e can use PhoneCopy for Windows to upload it to server. Sorry, notes on android will be supported later. So learn How to Backup your data before reset.

I like the overall feature of this item, it is cheap, good for students or for individual who wants to have smartphone, it is dual sim, the sound quality is so good, the screen response is good as well but sadly it doesn’t have screen shot which I think is also a good feature that a phone should have.


They cloudfone ice 350e disappeared and even sms in my mail box have gone. Press synchronized and you will get contacts synchronized to your phone.

CloudFone ICE 350e Hard Reset

Feb 17, Posted by arnieE Replies of This topic: Hard Reset Delete all your data in your android mobile. Please guide me, i dont want to tyoe it again gokul. So what do I do? Recently i lost my old phone samsung galaxy s3 so today i tried to synchronize the contacts from phone copy cloudfone ice 350e to a my new phone Motorolla Droid Razor But when I try syncronizing, it gives an error message “The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago”. Cloudfone ice 350e have to delete all of the “Sending” messages and reboot the phone before I can start sending text messages again.

The one that isn’t working was last synchronise on Tuesday 12th at ANY help would be appreciated. Answered via private email. YOU may email me also I want to get apps back to cloudfone ice 350e phone.

Then we will develop other data types as calendar, tasks and notes. After reset, You will see the android Welcome screen just as you did when you turned the device on for the first time.

Overall Rating Design 3. I have all my contacts around on my cloudfone ice 350e desire and want to transfer them to my future phone that will probably be either an iPhone or a galaxy s4.


If you forgot your Google Gmail account username and password, you can recover or reset using the Google Account Recovery official page. But feel your request cloudfone ice 350e privacy problem.

Cloudfone Ice 350e

Forgot cloudfone ice 350e say that after Upgrade, i only get error Message, and i se that cloudfone ice 350e is 2 acounts With sms. It is already supported, please check our list: It depends of your phone vendor. Dear, Immediately after installing your application on my phone Android 7. Why need to perform Factory Reset: Yes, please check following link: You can use it for free until contacts and cloudfoen stored in the profile.

You can easily Factory Reset your CloudFone android mobile for free. You can select single directional sync in the PhoneCopy.

I have a coopad c and any time I put it on, all cloudfone ice 350e shows me is ‘Coolpad c’ thta’s all till the battery will go off. Another interesting thing was, afterwards using the the old phone I transferred the contacts using bluetooth to the Samsung.