Let yourself be inspired. Here are a few demos I recorded with the effects: This box has 8 ins, 8outs simultaneous. Since it is processed in real time, you can hear the effects applied to the signal as you hit you keyboard keys. A ton of processing power is’nt necessary for everyone to get the job done happily. Stay tuned to FutureProducers.

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The modular is pretty cool but don’t expect more than a few voices,like 3 or so.

Review: Creamware Pulsar 2

No need to chase after better low-latency performance with computers. The driver update is’nt as pulszr to develop as other soundcards. I myself have no interest in doing everything solely inside a single Native Creamware pulsar on a single page and could not get all my needs met that way. Patches for the Pulsar Modular can be saved and exchanged with other Pulsar users. You can imagine the possibilities. Yes, but this is a good chance creamware pulsar see if our DSP creamware pulsar runs anyway.

I suppose Scope has more recent drivers but do they work with the original Pulsar? The STS was worth all the agony creamware pulsar i had creamware pulsar PIV because it could play 64 voices but it sure was a lot of hassle that isn’t even remotely worth it nowadays. All are computed with bit precision algorithms and are thus perfectly suited for bit productions.


Give us a call on or email us. Date Produced – Creamware pulsar channel strip of the 32 channels has 4-band creamware pulsar EQ, four Pulsar effects inserts, and 8 auxiliary busses for internal or external effects.

The modular elements include a sample player, inserts and the Pulsar DSP effects. Keyboard – Creamware pulsar virtual synth. Just trying to show a more complete picture. There’s no latency between keystroke and sound.

Creamware Pulsar II Classic | DSP Processing Cards Dolphin Music

Chorus and flanger creamware pulsar the Master series, MIDI-controllable filter and tremolo, tube-simulation effects, wild-sounding single-sideband processors By Manuel Clement August 10, They didn’t quite succeed. My i7 is 2 years old and a need to upgrade is no where in sight due to my XITE Pulsar 2 with Cubase VST32 5.

This works with software integrating and giving you control of creamware pulsar mixing, effects, sampling, synthesis, routing, automation and so much more!

The 4 dsp card now serves as a good way to test creamware pulsar plugins available and creamware pulsar liked can be expanded. SCOPE is a dsp platform that has been around for a longtime and is only growing.

So dense and smooth – you’d swear it was a big studio processor.

They can therefore be used with both internal and external signal sources – without DSPs, that would be unthinkable! The modular II will be sold creamware pulsar Euros.


Someone from Creamware has recently posted this message on a message creamware pulsar “The next Pulsar version will include the XTC interface so that you can use all the modules directly from within crexmware Creamware pulsar sequencer”.

You’ll recognize these ones as soon as you see the wood side panels and familiar interface.

Creamware Pulsar II Z-Link 6-Chip DSP Card | Musician’s Friend

Pulsar II gives you a professional digital mixer, a full rack of effects, phlsar collection of high-calibre synthesizers, a powerful studio sampler, a routing patchbay, and dozens of additional studio tools – all right inside your music computer.

Synthesizer The system comprises a complete collection of high-calibre synthesizers. Does creamware pulsar of you use it? Creamware pulsar A studio is only good if you creamware pulsar decent effects to work with.

pulsae When the rec audio channels were muted, I was able to record correctly, and when I played the tracks back, I didn’t notice any artefact in the sound.

This card deserves creamware pulsar best ratings when comes to creamware pulsar time effects. And all of it behaves just like external hardware equipment.