The bottom surface provides access to the two RAM slots via a maintenance panel, other access panels are not available. The application performance is subjectively good, and is also confirmed with the benchmark result of points from PC Mark Vantage. The quality of the keyboard can make or break a netbook, and the one on the Eee PC N is something of a mixed bag. Individual key action was smooth, giving off a quiet high-pitched click when pressed. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. With our minimal settings it was also possible to play Anno , after a noticeably long loading time, with a subjectively smooth 31 FPS.

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The quality of the keyboard can make or break a eee pc 1215n, and the one on the Eee PC N is something of a mixed bag. The performance is good for this category of Netbook, and master a large proportion of common home user tasks with ease. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. Peak backlight brightness was fine for viewing in bright office conditions, but only when the eee pc 1215n was set to percent. Please check with your supplier for exact offers.

All the ports have been moved towards the back as much as possible, and thus prevent possible issues with attached peripheral devices getting in the way. A Netbook in this class would be expected to be well adapted to the requirements of a mobile device. Particularly the arrow eee pc 1215n are very big, and even surpass those on many 15″ and 17″ notebooks. The display see the current standard but has relatively little brightness.

Gaming Verdict As the benchmark results eee pc 1215n lead to assume, demanding eee pc 1215n shooters with a high resolution and quality eef aren’t worth serious consideration. The CardReader is positioned well for easy 1215b. This is fine for listening to streaming music or watching a YouTube clip, but not for sharing a movie in a small room.


The stubborn touchpad buttons, which require a resounding ‘click’ and are only reliable towards their edges due to the one-button design, are less favorable.

And, as you’ll find out in a moment, HD video is something this netbook is more than capable see eee pc 1215n smoothly. This shape eee pc 1215n nice in your hands and looks even nicer when the computer is resting on a desk. We use cookies and other similar technologies Cookies to enhance your experience and to provide you with relevant content and ads.

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Particularly when running applications in parallel, with several open browser tabs, and playing music in the eee pc 1215n, it does not lead to a apparent limitations.

Eee pc 1215n this case the demanding conversion is carried out in the background by the graphics chip, and the remaining applications have enough system resources available. Individual key action was smooth, giving off a quiet high-pitched click when pressed. Conversions or demanding image editing tasks, such as the use of filters or processing of video, do bring the device to its limits fairly quickly though.

This did not have a negative impact during the typing test, but frequent eee pc 1215n could likely develop a dislike for this over time. By ;c our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies. We therefore had to make due with 3x USB 2.

Temperature The low cooling fan activity doesn’t lead to a pronounced development of heat despite the desktop CPU. Otherwise the keys have a medium length travel, a somewhat mechanical sounding endstop, and a decent pressure point. eee pc 1215n


Review Asus Eee PC 1215N Netbook

The system noise eee pc 1215n not especially quiet, but very very restrained in all scenarios 115n 30 dB Aand merely noticeably with 33 dB A under a full load. Outdoor eee pc 1215n was close to impossible unless you were in some serious shade from a tree or other structure. YouTube videos also played smoothly. Colors of products may not be ;c accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings.

What can be expected has been tested by us. Due to licensing reasons Nvidia Ion 2 did however have to be limited to the graphics section, and could therefore not develop an entire chipset. Asus Eee PC N.

The combination of glossy black plastics and eee pc 1215n metalic finish help accent the various details in the design of this netbook. Eee pc 1215n users should immediately take a liking to it. The flush touchpad surface is separated from the palmrests by a pair of polished metal oc but I often found my finger moving outside the touchpad area when using the touchpad. It also comes with a native 1, x pixel resolution, which means there’s not only more room on your Windows desktop compared to the standard 1, x resolution found on most inch netbooks, but that it’s also capable of displaying p HD video.