Thats how old the first 4. Is it some sort of bandwidth issue on the PCI bus?!? I have tried every suggestion posted elsewhere to no avail up to now So thats not the trouble. Also some motion problems. What my experience is if your source is native pal or NTSC it can capture x or x or x in high quality without any problems.

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I was going to e-mail the btwincap author or post a bug report but never got around to it since I figured it might just be me. How did the direct capture to divx5 go?

Here is my question, what then is the difference between the “cheap” cards and the expensive ones? Hmm avih I may just have to try it then, since you say it has a good uninstaller.

Personal tools Create account Log in. Now it’s time to properly install and configure the btwincap driver so that it will work with your capture card. By the way, i know it”s not the subject, does Htwincap work with WDM drivers??

WDM Video Capture Driver

I’ve been in the forums here for years and I’ve seen all kinds of crazy posts filled with nonsense that got decent responses. FulciLives; the whole bit about resolutions is a non-sequitor here — yes, that is an issue, however a seperate one. Try driver updates, though. In this case, I have a 4 channel card, hence the 4 video and 4 audio drivers: Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.


Maybe just to complete this: I find it works better and despite the fact that I miss 16 feneric on either side of the image it really doesn’t matter because that is still outside the TV safe area thanks to TV overscan.

Finally I can really dump Windows 98 SE.

BrookTree BThow to tune tv? Can’t you tune your card with the driver? Results 1 to 30 of Before I forget to mention, this just wrks for win2k – I can’t find the registry settings in win9x.

TV Cards and Capture Devices Supported

I’m not going to be a hipocrate and sit here and say that their software is crap, because it’s not, but it looks like a high school kid with too much time on his hands created it. When I make a full install launching FlyDs is painful long.

Hm, the DScaler CVS has nothing mentioned about generci issue and still relies on the old drivers already included in 3. Gotcha NOW – also very cheap, really not that great, but works http: If you don’t want to grab the whole files, grab part, cancel, and avifix them.


Chemajik, the geberic is dated Geo is very famous because of their marketing stratergy. It does not instruct the card to switch on audio, so the tuner and FM part does not work for me with the btwincap drivers. I will try the latest one, to see if it included in the drop-down box.

BT x troubles – VideoHelp Forum

I’m getting rather aggrevated now Trying the original drivers might be helpful too. I would kill to get my bt card do x or higher with more then 2 channels without any black flakes and the long windows xp logo hanging sign booting time it takes after I installed the drivers.

Yup, Sandra says it genwric a Brooktree Might take some though.

This is the exact same problem I had! I could kiss you!