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HackShield is a bit like this: I am not going to lose my 5 years worth of hard earned and payed for armor and weapons. Not only does AA launch rarely, if Staft launch and have to kill it everything on hacksnield computer runs extremely slow until I restart.

Hack Shield will always forever more be a reactionary mechanism reacting to the hacks and cheats after their used it can never detect a hack or a cheat that it’s not already been trained to, it’s like a Virus scanner they cant really detect new virus’, not until say Avast or who ever creates a pattern for it so the tool can finally see it, your basically asking HackShield to have human like awareness and be able to tell what a hack is and stop it before its used.


Originally Posted by CensoredOtaku. I just fixed this problem, I dont know if it also fixes yours. Even after I had added an exception for the entire Archeage and Glyph folders. The ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association.

Can some1 upload their ”updated” hackshield folder? The time now is Forum Knight Online ko4life. Forums City Plaza Gameplay Discussion why hack shield no stop hackers. Oh look my post got deleted D: I can logg hhackshield without this methodtried this method 1h agodidn’t work.

Method to solve HackShield Update.

Hackshield does its job by keeping the amount of exploiters to the few elite players who can manage. Except launch Maplestory regitser gamelauncher. Someone have a idea how to reapair that Error? You didn’t follow the guide properly. Post anything not related to MapleStory Shitpost or post image macros Post your level achievement: Cuz you gotta go into the HShield folder and edit the bypass settings located in ehsvc.



Originally Posted by Vidoy. I am not going to lose my 5 years worth of hard earned and payed for armor and weapons. Page 45 of 50 First The time now is Hackshiled guess we all need to stop pplaying with the same computer and change locations we cant all live on the same house!!

Try again with these instructions: Imagine what this game would have been like at release without hackshield. But they’ve blocked the accounts again. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Now,I got a new problem: And cznnot might be the reason why USKO has unbanned lots of accounts including mine.

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