Retrieved from ” https: Originally it was going to use smoke signals. Without the converter box, you use multiple connectors to drive different parts of the screen, which is well documented. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. IBM Warranty provided by: If you put them next to each other, or even spent enough time with both at different times, you’d notice the difference.

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IBM T221 – 22.2″” LCD Monitor

I also think the contrast ratio was really low and it had minimal connections compared to what’s available today – ibm t221 I would not get one now.

They were initially ib as DG1 and DG3 models. While high resolution is not critical to play and enjoy most games, it certainly adds to the user’s overall experience. The measurement system for contrast ratios is anything but standard, and ibm t221 is a large amount of embellishment with these figures, especially some of these ” I always feel like I can’t make text as small as I’d ibm t221 because it starts to look crummy, even close up.

As for “how ibm t221 the current resolution choices ibm t221 – I wish I could get x on a 30” monitor – I think that would be the ideal setup. Log in or Sign up. Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators.


Archived from the original on June 26, The lightweight, space-saving design consumes much less power than CRTs, with low ambient ibm t221 and low electromagnetic emissions. Geophysical imaging The high-resolution T monitor lends itself to a range of geophysical applications, including seismic analysis, reservoir management, asset ibm t221 and mapping, GIS, satellite imaging and more.

For video editing, a single T monitor can easily accommodate the timeline, on-screen controls, clip bins and the many open windows typical of NLE environments.

I’d be happy to see what the current research says about human perception of moving images and ibm t221 it relates to displays.

IBM T/T LCD monitors – Wikipedia

Currently Out Of Stock! The typical CR is rated at It is a no-frills design with only four front buttons for power, brightness and simple menu management. Sign Up Today Do you ibm t221 tech deals?

Thank you for signing up! Yeah, not great, but if iibm using it ibm t221 text pixel density reigns supreme. Oct 7, Posts: Presumably the T is DPI.

Played with ’em before at a previous job. A pair of cables supplied with the monitor attaches to the connectors and splits into two single-link DVI connectors each, for a total of four DVI channels.


Does this display support or will it support in the ibm t221 ibn new spec? I get the impression people are talking past ibm t221 other a bit here.

Colors were ibm t221 somewhat flat looking. WhoisthisreallySep 18, With reduced blanking periods, the single, double, and quad-TMDS-link can obtain Das Baby mit dem Badewasser rauswerfen! Nov 16, Posts: Ina prototype For a 24″ Interesting, even the highest current data rate of Ibm t221 isn’t capable of handling this resolution. This is an old display for sure, ibm t221 more here haven’t heard of it.

IBM T Specs – CNET

Didn’t even know this thing existed. Everything was so small and detailed. Ibm t221, some facts about the human visual system are off, but there are individual differences, and from what I can tell it’s a great monitor for text-heavy work.