Actual speeds depend on many factors and are often less than the maximum possible. The ThinkPad T21 is Switch to the innovative magnifying glass feature to enlarge screen views in any application. Operating Environment ThinkPad computers are designed, built, and tested for high quality and reliability. This innovative port supports an optional digital camera and power- management functions required by Bluetooth TM wireless options available fourth quarter

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MB when used with system memory, such as option cards, indicates 1, bytes. Memory The system has MB of memory standard and thinkad be configured for up to MB of addressable memory.

The time to resume from suspend or hibernate is not affected by the wireless LAN card. In this mode the MHz speed ibm thinkpad type 2647 reduced. Optimized Flexibility with Optional Features With the Ultrabayfast and easy hot-and warm-swapping of many components gives you the flexibility to configure the system.

Approximate weight is 90 g ibm thinkpad type 2647. Sound pressure level operator position: The battery pack is an internal power source to the computer when the AC adapter is not available.

The location of the port allows optimal performance for both applications.


IBM warrants that the ThinkPad will conform to its Official Published Specifications when used in a suitable physical operating environment. All displays are measured diagonally. Hardware Requirements Not applicable. The battery pack is rechargeable and is charged using the AC adapter with the system.

Product Thinkpas Cycle Dates. Weight includes battery and optional travel bezel. Individual application support for this feature will vary. No Ibm thinkpad type 2647 Specify Codes.

All displays are measured diagonally. Previous versions of these operating systems are not supported.

Battery-optimized performance mode for balance between performance and battery life when operating on battery power. ThinkPad systems should not be used in unsuitable environments.


There is a different Li-Ion Battery Pack that is an optional feature for the T22 that fits into the Ultrabay so that two batteries can be installed to increase battery operating time. IBM warrants that the ThinkPad will conform to its Official Published Specifications when used in a suitable physical operating environment. The ThinkPad Ibm thinkpad type 2647 is PC Cards which do not support the power management function may cause the shorter battery operation hours.

Video Models with Windows 98 Second Edition support a system display and an external monitor simultaneously 4 while different applications are on each screen. Special Feature Codes — Chargeable.


Europe – IBM ThinkPad T21 with Mobile Pentium III Processor

For ibm thinkpad type 2647 list of 22647 products, please see the Web site at www. Battery life will vary based on many factors including screen brightness, applications, features, power management, battery conditioning and other customer preferences. Actual specifications and weights may vary based on features, vendor components, or manufacturing processes. Approximately seconds boot time is to be expected. Hot plugging of serial mouse is not supported.

US – IBM ThinkPad T22 Mobile Pentium III Processor

Contact your IBM ibm thinkpad type 2647 for more ihm. IBM does not warrant these products. Ease of Use ThinkLight TM – easy to see your keyboard in low-light conditions during presentations or on a plane ThinkPad button – one-button access to information you need, along with ThinkPad portals for mobile solutions, service, support, and more 11 Note: