JTWheels, February 3, This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. Don’t confuse this model with the old Labtec Wireless Media Desktop. That model is much slower and much larger than this on. The mouse is dpi and this package includes batteries and usb extension cable.

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I plugged it into my husband’s computer and it behaved like it was part of the machinery.

No software installation required, just plug in the receiver, connect, and type away. No apparent lag or missed keystrokes. I returned this product and spent the extra money on the Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse.

I had never purchased labtec wireless keyboard and mouse wireless keyboard or mouse in the past so I didn’t know what to look for. I am beyond satisfied with this purchase and its performance. Works great if you have the right kind of computer.

When I found this product I knew it was the right fit for me and people who use my computer won’t laugh anymore because they can actually see what labtec wireless keyboard and mouse are typing. I’ve been using the keyboard heavily for a month now and notice no difference in response and the batteries have held up just fine. The keyboard has a low battery indicator led.


This combo is perfect for a lap top add on or a desktop system.

The usb receiver is compact and only sticks out 2 inches from your laptop. I would recommend it even though I can’t use it.

Will be getting my money back. Everything you need is included. This product is very inexpensive and it’s price definetely inticed me to try it.

labtec wireless mouse and keyboard install

HappyWife, November 8, Hippicat, February 14, Set up was very easy and I was impressed that the batteries actually came lwbtec it. Responds well, quick and easy to install It reasponds just like an IBM style typewriter keyboard, but much more silent. I rated it labtec wireless keyboard and mouse three only because it will not work on all computers.

Standard full size key layout with multimedia keys across the top. You just pug in the trasnmitter to your usb port press the connect button and then press the connect labtec wireless keyboard and mouse on the keyboard and mouse and its all set up.

Labtec Wireless Desktop Optical – keyboard and mouse set – UK Overview – CNET

I am starting school again labtec wireless keyboard and mouse a couple weeks and I wanted to have the mouse and keyboard for use on my laptop. I use the wireless keyboard labtec wireless keyboard and mouse mouse from my couch and I have my computer hooked up to my 50″ HD tv This product was the right price and it really works.


Otherwise I’d have given in a higher rate. No problems with the mouse so far and just minimal problems with the keyboard. Tell us if something is incorrect. Good for the price. Excellent keyboard with full sized keys. My daughter pulled a lot of keys off my notebook so it is hard for anyone but me to use it. If you are trying to use the wireless keyboard or mouse from anywhere further than a foot away, don’t buy this product.

This product does what its supposed to do, and has a small transmitter unlike may other wireless desktops that have a corded trnsmitter which is nice.