In addition, in the segment of “heavy” 17″ desktop-replacement the L makes a good figure due to its good and slim design. From 3D gaming, watching movies, Internet browsing to home office applications, the L can easily accommodate today’s most advanced applications and visual entertainment. The keys are responsive and easy to type on, allowing long hours of comfortable typing. The desktop-replacement laptop convinces by its flat look and relatively small weight. The color curve of the screen is interesting. However, in use the hinges seem to work well and do their job despite appearances as I carried the laptop here and there and everything was okay.

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However, in use the hinges seem to work well and do their job despite appearances msi megabook l715 I carried the laptop here and there and everything was okay. It also comes with a built-in microphone to enable Internet phone and videoconferencing. The flat case pleases.

Although we endeavor to present the most precise and comprehensive information at msi megabook l715 time of publication, a small number of items may contain typography or photography errors. Msi megabook l715 can plug high-end devices such as Gigabit LAN card, high performance TV tuner card and other storage devices that need high-speed data transferring.


Turn your L into a home-theater system and make your DVD movies and gaming experience come alive! Unfortunately it is a reflecting screen and therefore not suitable for bright environments e.

MSI L Notebook Windows XP Drivers, Applications, Manuals | Notebook Drivers

Msi megabook l715 cover of the non removable disk is characterized. Please, switch off ad blockers. Capable of moving data at up to Mbps, the is the preferred method for transferring data between desktop and devices. Nevertheless the display keeps whipping. In seconds, you can attach any USB devices such as a mouse, keyboard ksi printer.

MSI Megabook L715 Review (pics, specs)

Some friends played other msi megabook l715 on my laptop, like NFS: MSI L right side view view large image. The loudspeakers supply an acceptable sound. The bright display reduces the reflection to make colors darker and have sharper contrast for true-to-life images. The exhaust unfortunately also blows without load continuously msi megabook l715 air out of the chassis.

Meganook, the screen cover is not manufactured as well and tortes more.

S and other countries Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners. Here the exact measured values:.

It also features the newly designed RGB red, green and blue filters which eliminate any undesirable light emissions from individual pixels msi megabook l715 resulting in unprecedented color purity, balance and realism.


You will appreciate the high msu quality of L’s widescreen display.

Many interfaces, like a digital monitor exit DVI Dare arranged around the laptop. The duration time of battery under load is with measured 39 minutes rather short. The top side gets moderately warm. msi megabook l715

The graphic card also does its job and runs most of the latest games successfully. Input and Output Ports In the photos you will see the following ports: For commercial artists the panel is not recommended. For the purpose of testing I benchmarked the demo of some games I found: However the noise remains unobstrusive. S and other countries. The L supports megabooi Dolby Digital 5. And of course the third and fourth speed are launched when you game, when you do multitasking, or use some very demanding applications.

We msi megabook l715 the least amount of ads msi megabook l715. LAN, current plug and modem adapter are favorably in the back side placed.

The easy-to-read LCD status display shows indicators for power, battery, wireless LAN, hard-disk activity, caps-lock, num-lock, and scroll-lock.