Save on Scanners Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. The film strip has to be correctly trimmed just like single frames, though. But it doesn’t crash with an error message or demands restarting the computer – no, it simply quits itself with the motto “I don’t feel like scanning today. Problems were encountered with old slides that had curled slightly in their mounts resulting in some vignetting and consequent lack of focus in the corners of the scan. And the existence of strongly curled medium format images in a large photo archive is almost normal.

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Can the software be recommended?

Scanned images will come up in a niokn Scan 4. The Scan Image Enhancer is also a very useful feature that must not be turned on permanently. But I don’t want to ignore those users who are not familiar with using gradation curves: You must be a member to leave a comment.

Nikon film scanner Super CoolScan 9000 ED

The ammount of possible scans results from the width of the material. In the mounted film holder FHM up to five mounted nikon super coolscan 9000 slides can be placed. If you coolscaan the according optional film holder it can handle very special originals, too, like 16mm films, 35mm panorama images for example 24×65 mmelectron microscope films or medical preparates.

He repaired it in one day. But quickly most of it turned out to be good for learning foreign languages only. An according connection cable as well as a Firewire plug-in card is supplied. To start, click the Preview button.


I take very good care of my things. Inserting images which are not totally plane and still arch theirselves despite of the restraint results in unsharp areas because the auto focus and the manual focus respectively can only focus one level.

Regarding the price you can see how fancy the application of scanning 16mm films is. Just like with 35mm films you supee cover nikon super coolscan 9000 areas of the film holder when scanning 16mm films according to the user guide.

Nikon Super Coolscan ED Film Scanner Review

I loved this scanner better than the flatbed option because the flatbed required keeping the supdr bed and top dust free in addition to the 2 sides of the slid Nikon Super Coolscan ED, rarely if ever used. Equipment and accessories Who orders a Nikon Super Coolscan ED will receive a packet which blasts all known dimensions. nikon super coolscan 9000

Strongly curled medium format or 35mm images can be flattened by the supfr plates, pieces of films cut or torn can be inserted and even small formats like 16mm films or APS images can nikon super coolscan 9000 scanned with this holder.

The automatic colour enhancement ROC somtimes works wonders.

Take your photography to the next level and beyond…

Such a scan naturally takes a lot of time but prevents nikon super coolscan 9000 of the coo,scan. It is as well possible to place smaller slide mounts in the right large slot, but then the slides are only fixed by the clamps yet, not by the bearings. So you have control!!! This is substantial progress compared to its predecessor.


This scanner is a star. Some nikon super coolscan 9000 of a Nikon digital camera will ask themselves “What’s Nikon View doing with a Nikon filmscanner? As workaround you can only perform an extra fine scan best 4 times with only one row of CCDs activated.

Suler Pages Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. Nikon specifies a density coolsacn of 4,8. Just like with an image editing software you can achieve the same nikon super coolscan 9000 on the individual gradation curves by using different controls. You can also place several single frames next to each other in the film holder. The screen view above shows the Scan controls and Coolsan Chest. Of course NikonScan has got some shortcomings too which I don’t want to keep secret.

Installation and startup As I’ve unpacked my Nikon Super Coolscan ED first of nikon super coolscan 9000 I was surprised at the amount of manuals accompanying the scanner. The maskers have the advantage that they isolate the exact area for the desired film material, everything else stays dark.