Conclusion In conclusion Mizuno has created a set of game improvement irons that do a great job balancing distance, feel and forgiveness for higher handicap and even mid handicap golfers. I am not a big offset player and like to craft a shot. Very high and lands soft — yards longer on average vs my 7 iron, it even had the horsepower to hang with my 6 iron — VERY forgiving on thin strikes. They not only understand the technology used in the latest golf equipment, but they also test new clubs extensively. I am not judging — I mishit a lot of shots at first. I find the clubs to be very classy looking and am looking forward to lower scores this season! The 8-GW have no undercut cavity and are extremely accurate, no doubt helped by the cleaner, scoring iron shape.

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Receive revew analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. The MP line can be prone to digging on me. It was a windy afternoon and about degrees. Adam Jun 11, at I am good for another years.

I was surprised that the M2 was the winner in this brief session. In the brushed nickel part of the cavity the Mizuno logo is engraved into the club head.

As expected, I preferred the M1 with less offset, slightly smaller sole and a smoother finish. The JPX irons are Mizuno newest game improvement irons, I was lucky enough revieww try them out and give my thoughts. I could hit a five iron to a yd par 3 and stop it on the green. These irons will make the transition easier for golfers who are wanting to switch from game improvement irons jp a low handicap golfers set of irons.


Probably not available for left handers like the JPX pros. The JPX line of clubs is aim at all those other golfers that would love to play Mizuno irons, but need more forgiveness from their irons.

Ridiculous for 7 irons. Compared to my Cleveland irons, they are 1 to 1. I feel more confident in trying to work the ball with the M1. The launch monitor data backed up what I was seeing on the course.

I appreciated the sole grind of the JPX Pros. Once I started making solid contact with a decent shoulder turn, the M2 really reviw alive in my hands.

Review: Mizuno JPX-825 Pro Irons

Overall we feel the Mizuno JPX irons are more evolution than revolution, but they are still a very good set of irons for mid handicappers who like to have a bit more feel from their irons. It’s on the back of the head that things are different rfview redesigned cavity structure.

The badge is done in Mizuno blue and has the club name inside the badge. Overall, I just really like how these irons look at address. It seemed that no matter the lie, these irons got down on the ball picking it cleanly off the turf and finding that sweet spot just a few grooves up on the face.


Miauno I look though at the lofts of the clubs it is not a huge surprise that they are so long. 285

Mizuno JPX-825 Irons: Range Review

I fell in love with these as soon as I took one down from the rack and noticed the leading and trailing edge grind. They are thin, sharp and cut into the turf like knives. Designed to appeal to both the game improvement nizuno traditional iron player, these hit the nail on the head. JLeclair10 Nov 22, at 5: These clubs are great for that.

Mizuno JPX Irons Review (Review) – The Sand Trap

The lines are clean and sharp in some areas and smooth and rounded in others. Shorter than the M2 though not short and a little lower ball flight. I had hit both the M1 and M2 irons last year during a mizunno day, but did not like either. Nothing crazy a fade here or the a punch or knockdown every so often. Which irons do you think would be more forgiving the i20s or the Pros? If you flush one, you know it.