Best Gaming Pad Love it Verified purchase: There is only so much that your left hand can do. The only downfall to using the Command Unit is having to re-assign all your computer games to the new layout and picking out the best location for each command. Could be — I had one of those a few years back and switched away from it to the Nostromo due to a combination of driver issues due to its age, and needing more buttons for RPGs. If you are left handed and switch the keyboard and mouse you may find this a little difficult to use.

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The main programming interface is the profile editor, which lets you define actions saitek pro gamer twenty of the buttons 21, on the palm rest, is hard coded to shift between two sets of programming and the thumb stick.

It comes with 21 lighted keys, saitek pro gamer analog stick, and a very comfortable wrist wrest. MadCatz had purchased Saitek, and they for some crazy reason stopped making this wonderful controller. The keyboard has come a long way.

Though the wrist light stays blue, and there is a red backlit Saitek logo along the saitek pro gamer edge distorted by a curved piece of plastic. The construction of the unit has a nice solid feel to it. Installation is not all that difficult.

Show More Show Less. Sxitek make everything from joysticks down to gaming mice. I am trying to set one ppro that I was recently given.


All our controllers are produced in our wholly-owned factory to ensure that they perform to saitek pro gamer highest standards today and for many years to come. Your email address will not be published.

Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit

PlayStation 4 Pro Wireless Gamepads. Thanks to CrazyPC for sending over this sample!

It would be nice if the wrist rest were also adjustable. The saitfk 21 key makes sense on this unit, tho I saitek pro gamer if it gets hit by accident on occasion. They also offer chess computers and audio solutions. This means it slides forwards and backwards, and pivots up and down.

The mode switch does more than just change the function of the keys, it also changes the color that is behind the keys. This is obviously more saitek pro gamer you will ever need for one game.

Case Modification – Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit

If you have small hands like mine you may find saitek pro gamer distance between the keys and the wrist rest a little uncomfortable.

In each set you can program any of the buttons to perform a saitek pro gamer, a pulsating keypress, a script or macro, and it it very easy to program, you simply open the program, pick the color by changing it on the controller, press a key on the controller, click the corresponding item on the screen and enter the new command, key, or macro.

The leftmost column, especially, is a big improvement since you can actually reach all three buttons with your pinkie. I don’t even want to bother with it’s official software. You can even define bands with different actions. For most games you will probably want to use your mouse. If you are left handed and switch the keyboard and mouse you may find this a little difficult to use. Even though they have tried hard to make this comfortable you saitek pro gamer feel a little cramped and over worked.


This means that the numbers on the keys are lit through by the backlight, which makes them easier to see in the dark.

Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit Review | Trusted Reviews

The best windows game controller ever made The Saitek Cyborg Command Unit is the best windows game controller ever made. Ideazon and Wolfking are just two such companies. Introduction I would like to thank Saitek for saitek pro gamer this review possible.

Like the Saitek pro gamer keyboard the keys on the Pro Gamer Command gajer are laser etched so that the back light from under the keys shines through so you can play even in pitch black. The three colors that are available are Red, Green, and Blue. The thumb control unit is somewhat useful as a mouse replacement.