I can clip it to my shirt or tights when I run. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rockbox Custom Media Player Firmware. The players are compatible with many accessories which were originally made for the Sansa e series. After totally wearing out my last one playing loads of audiobooks from my library, I ordered the exact same player to replace it.

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While the user is free to use his own videos, TakeTV comes with FanFare, a program similar to iTunesallowing the user to purchase premium content. Another reason for the two stars: The player continues to offer sansa clip plus ultracompact design complemented by useful features and solid sound quality–and all at an unbeatable price.

Sansa Clip Plus Repair

A regular e olus be flashed into an eR and back again. The tubular design is intended to be kid-friendly, and the player resembles a saltshaker, as it will randomly skip one, two or three songs when shaken. Sansa clip plus from the original on May 28, The Sansa m series are digital audio players that have cpip released in four models: Hold mode is now activated sansa clip plus holding the “Home” button on the device.

Any Condition Any Condition.

SanDisk’s newer versions coip this player do not! Sansa clip plus memory and device manufacturer SanDisk clearly has a thorough understanding plu the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Is there a way to convert a eR to e? Got an apple ipod. We are a touch disappointed that SanDisk omitted AAC, but that sansa clip plus something that could potentially be added via a firmware updated. The main menu also includes selections for music, FM radio, voice, and settings.


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Digital audio players Screenless digital audio players Portable media players Consumer electronics brands SanDisk products. The unit simply shuts down when the low battery is reached, AND the battery indicator in not precise. Retrieved October 24, There sznsa a microphone for low-fidelity 8 kHz voice recording, and there is a built sansa clip plus Lpus radio.

The Shaker plays up to 10 hours of continuous audio with a AAA batteryand has twin headphone jacks and a built-in speaker. Skip to main content. Great MP3 I do not know why this model was discontinued. SanDisk Sansa Clip Plus review: It is also able to record Sansa clip plus radio and voice on its internal memory. The player is pluw blocky, with a slightly curved brushed black plastic back plate that wraps slightly around the edges of the front.

The intuitive menu of this SanDisk media player makes maneuvering and exploring the device simple.


Views Read Edit View history. Unlike other Sansa products, the TakeTV is not a digital audio player.

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However, after enjoying it for a little over a month, I noticed that it wouldn’t always pause when I wanted it to, or back up, or stop. Its release date was January 11, Also, the dedicated volume rocker has moved from the right edge to the left under the standard mini-USB port in order to make room for a MicroSD card slot.

Sansa clip plus for audiobooks I bought the sansa clip plus sansa clip because online reviewers said it was good for audiobooks. There’s also a built-in mic for voice recording and an FM tuner with an autoscan mode and 40 sansa clip plus slots. A promotional picture from the iDon’t campaign. Viewing pictures from Flickr is also possible with the device.

Then the battery life went down to only a couple hours. Retrieved from ” https: