The tests currently in ec2test-any now pass on both F and the F as well as the F For more details see their driver’s release notes. You must include all the groups you are currently a member of as seen by the groups command because the -G option will remove you from any groups not listed! I have made a preliminary split between the newcdb gdb-like interface and the core source level debugging logic. Testen Sie Ihre Einstellungen unter:. I am able to use print i and print j to see the variables increment for the simple.

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This is where I’m introducing the silabs usb debug adapter debugger although currently the package still contains the old ec2cdb modified sdcdb as well but that code will be depreciated in favor of newcdb. Using unprotected interconnections is a huge risk to silaba your circuits. Ricky Dec Seasons Greetings, My parts arrived. Are you familiar with this problem?

Silabs usb debug adapter CF52x family should also be easy to support now since they are very similar same data sheet and same major device id to the F53x.

Nur Browser, die TLS 1. This site uses cookies to store information on your adaptsr. Next on my list is getting breakpoints working and a project creation profile done that has the kdev51 set to be loaded.

Replied Feb 242: If they don’t work for yours let me know and if possible get a data capture of the Silabs IDE setting a breakpoint. If the above links do not work, try going to the Silabs usb debug adapter Labs website:. Use the feedback form to tell us about other silabs usb debug adapter or vendors that should be listed. I’m still making progress although I’ve been busy as usual, good feedback has been received that is helping to make sure more processors are supported silabs usb debug adapter helping to clean up a few issues adaptsr should make for a better release.


It will now print a warning if you use the Auto detect for interface mode because that might have been causing some of the issues seen with some processors. I’m moving ec2drv over to using subversion. I have been expirimenting with kdevelop plugins and I think that the best way to implement debugging is to implement a debugging part for kdevelop that siabs the new libec2debugcore. Included is a picture of how the circuit is actually implemented on our board.

8-bit USB Debug Adapter | Silicon Labs

I don’t think this could destroy the debugger? Silabs usb debug adapter setting the pin as open drain could solve the problem?

It doesn’t appear to support the debug features. This was a little difficult to debug in that it used a slightly different xdata write read command set for the EC3 and a slight variation on the one used for the EC2. If the above links do not work, try going to the Silicon Labs website: Are you silabs usb debug adapter with this problem?

Mouser Electronics ha disabilitato il TLS 1.

I think that the old default behaviour of starting the simulator as a default target is now gon so for the simulator you must type set target S51 followed by set target connect.

Silabs usb debug adapter Flash memory programming integrated into the driver allows you to rapidly update target code.

Parallel port programming and debugging is something I have had in the back of my mine as a nice to have aadapter would like ec2drv to support. Currently It dosen’t do too much.

8-bit MCU Forum

New Release Package apr In addition to the normal ec2drv release package I have added another called ec2drv-experimental which will be used for more frequent updates but they will possibly be less stable but of course more bleeding edge. This code is now in the silabs usb debug adapter trunk. This will make it easier islabs work with both ec2drv and kdev Both the F and the F have extra features above the basic devices and this silabs usb debug adapter support will be added after the basic functionality for both chips is in place unless someone beets me to it.


I have been comparing dumps from the F and F which the current JTAG flash write code is based on silabs usb debug adapter now have a pretty good understanding of silabs usb debug adapter is needed although there is a few command sequences I don’t quite understand yet. Still making progress 8-Feb I’m still making progress although I’ve been busy as usual, good feedback has been received that is helping to make sure more processors are supported and helping to clean up a few issues whoch should make for a better silabs usb debug adapter Here is a link to Rodolfo Giometti’s project which is a Linux kernel driver for programming C2 devices over a parallel interface without a debugger.

Hi All, I’ve been busy with redecorating over for the last month or so and had been working on meeting software deadlines for work so I didn’t feel like doing much software at home so ec2drv got a bit neglected. Website Update apr I finally got around to tidying up the webpage and removing some the obsolete information that was just providing clutter.