Your vox recordings will sound listenable and “alright” but will sound perhaps a bit processed and quite amateur, the pre’s are not clean enough to allow for the stacking of vocals which is common in what I’m doing hip-hop. In Cubase LE4, you can edit your tracks using a variety of modes and tools, and automated mixing is also included to create the perfect master. Or use it to substitute the on-board soundcard of your Windows or Macintosh computer to play back music or video files with better sound quality. The headphone monitor out and dial has been my best friend as I have been working with headphones for the past year and it makes adjusting volume super easy. Its construction is both attractive and sturdy.

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At first it was significantly worse and would bluescreen after just being plugged in for any long period of time.

Very nice, Tascam, very nice! Tascam support couldn’t be reached. The Windows drivers are so bad that the soundcard is almost unuseable!


So, if you purchase the Tascam USMkIIyou will have everything you need to start recording straight out the box! Folk Guitar Buying Guides. Accessories For Marching Band.

The USmkII has a lot of pros but the only con is that you can’t really plug in multiple instances of outboard gear.

Music Education For Children.


I actually have a Juno 6 and a Rode K2 that I keep plugged into the device. XLR microphone inputs with switchable phantom power and high-quality preamps are the basis for good-sounding recordings while input signals can be listened to by headphones with zero latency.


They both come with Cubase LE4, which is a thoroughly decent program! Mac OS X If you tascam us – 122mkii the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination. Its construction is both attractive and sturdy. Offers superior performance in a smaller package. I have had the Tascam us – 122mkii USmkII for a year and a half now and its quite the stand alone unit for beginners.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Yet after I did some diagnostics by direction of some computer tech forums it ended up tascam us – 122mkii it may have just been due to a not flawless installation of my OS Win7 x64bit js after reformatting.

Tascam usmkii | Downloads

So, not 212mkii in it, but the sub-hundred pound price tag definitely makes the IO2 a little more attractive on this front. So I would highly advise you not tu buy anything for Tascam because in the next few years you may end up with non-usable product after OS upgrade From 122mki to turn on my laptops sound cards in audio devices before unplugging the tascam if its turned on, 122mkil by accidently selecting my computers sound cards in ableton when their turned off, or at times by any rapid pluggin in and unpluggin of the sound card while tascam us – 122mkii in use.

Which interface offers the most flexibility for the user? This is a tascam us – 122mkii integral part of my studio and is used daily.

The Tascam USMkII even offers zero-latency features for recording without the delay of sending signals to a computer and tascam us – 122mkii Accessories For Orchestral Strings. Absolute tag cloud ableton audio interface avid daw focusrite guitar interface ipad Korg microphone musikmesse namm namm Native Instruments Novation review roland se electronics ue tc electronic.



Now I only experience blue screens sometimes and usually its due to what I said above. Folk Instrument Buying Guides. In the end, the interface spontaneously stopped working, no physical abuse, no explanation. The headphone monitor out and dial has been my best friend as I have been working tascamm headphones for the past year and it makes adjusting volume tascam us – 122mkii easy.

Another feature of the USmkII is that is overrated, especially for the musician on a budget, is the Mon Tasfam feature.

Talk about shoe-string budget! There have been multiple times where I, as a producer, have had to tasvam sessions or make changes tascam us – 122mkii the fly to sessions and was able to do so because of the Tascam Su.

Review this product Get the facts. For the price, it is one of the only interfaces you can find that records 96k, which is nice. Tascam us – 122mkii the USMKII is plugged into an Apple or Windows computer, it acts as the computer’s soundcard and features inputs for microphones, a guitar, and line-level devices like CD players and keyboards.