Applets using this driver version however will only run on Java 1. The setmethods of the object are used to define the properties of the data source. Several parameters are used to define the behavior of the JNDI sub system. The driver works best with a Transbase version 4. October 1, Hortonworks Inc. Because it is written entirely in Java, this driver is platform-independent and can be used for Java applets, too.

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JDBC Navigator

The wide use of Transbase, especially as basis for repair part management and documentation systems in the automobile industry soon led to a considerable number of ports to diverse operating systems, such as UNIX derivatives, LinuxWindowsVMSand Mac OS.

The reason is mainly the missing timeout for a single statement. The value of column I in the first row of table T is updated by using an update positioned via a prepared statement Its assumed, that transbasf is an instance of java.

Objectives At the end transbade this chapter, participants should be able to: The registration is done like proposed in the Transbasd specification, by adding the following line to your code. October SnapLogic, Inc. The escape syntax known from the core documentation 1 The character encoding known from core documentation 1.


The properties are driver specific, for this reason different JDBC drivers can support different set and get methods. Afterwards you will have the possibility to call the method rollbackoutbound.

They are to be used only by licensed users of the product. If a user name and a password has been defined in the data source object, the parameterless version of getconnection could also be used to get a connection.

Transbase pure JDBC Driver Rev 2.0

This escape sequence is used for JDBC scalar transbaase that are automatically mapped to the Transbase pendants.

If you submit an empty string or a null value for the property, the bytes received from the database are converted according to the platform dependent encoding. This includes also an overview concerning the features of the driver.

For this reason you have to cast your java. As a professor of the computer science department of the Technical University of MunichRudolf Bayer developed a database management system called “Merkur” in the s.

Transbase – Wikipedia

He walks up to them More information. Why Is This Important? Sophos Mobile Control Installation guide.

Wang Yang wyang njnet. For a detailed description for opening a connection this way please consult the JDBC driver specification. Transbase only supports the abortion of the entire transaction.

Applets using this driver version however will only run on Java 1. Every value is accepted that can be used for String constructors to build a String from a byte array.


Transbase supports all important functions of the SQL standard: SQL Tool for Oracle. Future versions of the Java SDK however should provide some mechanism to grant special privileges to signed applets.

Theres one layer providing basic database access features as they are known from the TBX programming interface of Transbase. However, this way of writing has the disatvantage, that you cannot specify a port address for the connection. CJava. What follows is an example for using the naming and directory service for Transbase data sources. Tutorial for MS Access.

SAS Institute provides a beta More information. This class is a special data source that creates PooledConnection objects. SQL statements are sent to the database and on how character typed values are read or sent to the database when reading a ResultSet or when using a PreparedStatement instance.

In Transbase open cursors are automatically invalidated by a commit or a rollback.