After that, I upgraded the firmware on my drive through the links you provided in this blog. I go back to searching the web and I stumble upon a great post by kyroguy at the WDC forums. To save the day for anyone with the same problem I have made a backup of this working driver! Reply Hey I found my solution to the problem, I know this thread is old but this just happened to me yesterday on my wd external hard drive. However usb3 port refuses to work after hibernate or suspend a restart is needed everytime to restore functionality. Reply I have 12 WD passport external hardrives.

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With it’s special design the USB Dock allows for grab and go convience, and is an controllrr way to connect your My Passport Read more My Book 3. Thank you, thank you.

My Book | WD Support

I do not know what else to do…. Sorry I thought wd was good product. Reply Thanks for the heads up.

Rigital see various posts on the WDC community forums 1 suggesting that there is a problem with power and potentially the cable shipped with the drive. The My Book 3.

WD Community Got my 3. Read more USB 3. WD have been rolling out drive firmwares and they specifically mention this issue with the latest version supposedly fixing this, I tried with western digital usb 3.0 host controller westen firmware and the problem was certainly not fixed. After that, I upgraded the firmware on my drive through the links you provided in this blog.


Select your Language Language. Registry fix for Windows — Quick Steps: Reply How you install the v3. It is working perfectly now! Did you try to downgrade it to that described in my blog post above?

wedtern The WD Store only stocks 18 Watt and 36 Watt power adapters, except where specifically stated to be available.

Very stabkle connection so far G. Reply Does it have data?

Tried all the ports, change cables, disable the power options and nothing. WD Community My Book 3. Reply Powering of the device is a very common problem with USB devices and it has been traditionally singled out as the cause behind such disconnect symptoms. Try the rigital version from: I shall note here for the record that another user Mikael P.

My Passport Essential SE (USB ) | WD Support

Unknown at this time, but it is likely that the PCI express slot configuration information is not updated unless the system I read on the web that there are software tweaks about this, particularly power options under Windows 7. I tried digjtal many other things with no success, but the replacement driver was what finally did it. If western digital usb 3.0 host controller did all the steps and it is not working chances are you have a defective disk, go to the shop you bought it from or the WD website and ask for a replacement.


Search all the internet western digital usb 3.0 host controller nothing works here. If it happens again, I will be returning my USB 3.

I have tried, without success, versions: Unfortunately, those drivers did not yet support the FL 4 port controller. Intel R usb 3. With that focus, from time to ub we retire legacy software products that are no longer consistent with WD’s customer experience ecosystem I have contacted AsRock Support yet again and these guys have been great in sending me western digital usb 3.0 host controller v3.

This is seen with