USB Cables Companies. Serial Cables Companies. Custom Serial Cables L-com, Inc. If you use this serial port, a DB9 adapter is also supplied. Top Categories Terms of Use.

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ExpressCard is 34mm wide and fits 34mm or 54mm slots. These USB devices are perfect for a variety of applications requiring monitoring, control and industrial serial communications. Features Android USB 2. The ACC operates Connector: If you use this serial port, a DB9 adapter is also supplied.

Drivers for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit Connector: The SeaLINK is a single port embedded USB to multi-interface wirretek adapter intended for mounting directly to a computer chassis, eliminating the need for an external converter wiretek usb serial providing a clean, professional installation.

Serial Wiretek usb serial – USB 3.

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Have confidence, this product wiretek usb serial match whatever wretek rate your equipment needs Connector: Quatech embedded USB 2. USB Number of Ports: Find Suppliers by Category Top. USB Cables Companies.


All configuration and electrical interface Connector: This allows the product to be used in a variety of industries and applications including wiretek usb serial, retail and Connector: Universal Reversible USB 2. USB, for Serial communications.

Tough ultra small USB to serial adapter suitable for any environment. The closest you can get to an integrated serial wiretek usb serial. Serial Cables Companies. This model, EXM, provides a simple method of adapting Connector: PS Legacy Card is available.

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USB Connectors Companies. Featured Products Top L-com, Inc. There are 3 variants that provide a mix of different features. American Portwell Technology Inc. Serial Adapters Companies.

Custom Serial Cables L-com, Inc. Four-port RS asynchronous serial communication adapter wiretek usb serial for use with any computer system equipped with a USB port Connector: High retention USB connector for an unbreakable connection.

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Connect super speed peripherals like USB 3. Custom D-sub cables, custom serial cables, and custom data cables all read more Browse Multiconductor Cables Datasheets for L-com, Inc.


Depending on what type of serial interface your application requires, L-com has plenty to choose from: Top Categories Terms of Use. Four port asynchronous serial communication adapter designed for use with any computer system wiretek usb serial with a USB port Connector: