The handy small devices include customizable modules and small size readers. The message must not be more than symbols. Each scanner is designed for the heaviest of traffic and can be installed directly into a cashier’s station, allowing goods to be scanned with a simple swipe of barcode. Your message must contain at least 20 symbols. If you do not see the question you want to ask below, please fill out our form below. When cleanliness and accuracy are top priority for your facilities, use the right equipments from ZEBEX to protect the safety and wellbeing of your employee.

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The optical system of the scanner is reliably screened from mechanical damages.

ZEBEX | Leading 2D Barcode Scanners Solution Provider

With its newly designed scanning engine, zebex z-3001 Zebex Z has a faster scan and zebex z-3001 faster response time. When cleanliness and accuracy are top priority for your facilities, use the right equipments from ZEBEX to protect the safety and wellbeing of your employee.

Obligatory field is not filled. Here at ZEBEX, we offer great services to customers, services such as collecting local commodities, analyzing zebex z-3001 barcodes, and then revise our firmware so the scanners can read the local barcodes of special format. To improve administration process, countless clients of ours have placed ZEBEX handheld laser scanners or image readers in their facilities zebex z-3001 quick zebex z-3001 accurate ID checking. Markers for self-sticking labels. Flexible communications Built in decoder Small stand for a hands free operation The Zebex Z is designed with you in mind.


The Zebex Z is designed with you in mind. Zebex z-3001 elastic rubber casing along with the bigger trigger makes it one of the easiest and most practical barcode scanners to use on the market today. It can also recognise and decode all of the popular 1d barcodes, giving it a superior scanning performance.

Warehouse ZEBEX terminal zebex z-3001 help you track assets, reduce operation overhead, and increase tracking accuracy. Zebex Z, Adjustable Stand, Colour: Ask an expert The small size and excellent performance of ZEBEX high speed scan engine and omnidirectional zebex z-3001 module can be your solution!

Administrative Barcodes revolutionizes the work processes z–3001 various sectors including the government and banking industry. The zebex z-3001 have been used around the world in places such as controlled access, interactive kiosks, price checkup systems, ATMs, and more.

We combine the best-in-class industrial design, powerful performance, and easy to use functionality into one affordable package. zebex z-3001

Your message zebex z-3001 contain at least 20 symbols. Click here to send us a question and we will get back to you with the solution.

Zebex z-3001 to the seller. Total Quality Commitment in Manufacturing The need for high speed barcode zebex z-3001 have been rapidly increasing especially in the manufacturing sector. Retail ZEBEX strives to provide the most economical and powerful omnidirectional and handheld scanners for retail and supermarket environments.


This model has the built-in Z-scan technology allowing to read out and decode all popular one-plane bar codes in real time. Support Microsite solutions to issues. zebex z-3001

Zebex Z-3001 Handheld Laser Barcode Reader, USB, Black

The compiled statistic can also reflect market activity in specific area or time periods. With an automation system, workers can zebex z-3001 or search the database for tracking purpose.

View also products categories “Bar zebex z-3001 equipment” Printheads for label printers. Your question has been sent successfully. Printers of plastic cards. Warranty Information Zebex’s reliability and quality is backed by zebex z-3001 5 year warranty. Our terminal products are created to easily capture data, interpret and transmit information quickly.

Necessary strategy can be implemented accordingly by knowing the shoppers habits. This slender, lightweight scanner is the practical solution for all your needs. Each handheld zebex z-3001 come with different scan engine and form factor. With real-time, wireless communication between ZEBEX mobile devices and the host computer, workers can enter data and scan barcodes on the fly.